the Church of Christ of and in the New Testament

  the churches of Christ Salute You  Romans 16:16 


About Us!


Study & Fellowship cancelled

until further notice due to Covid

At Your Services!

On Wednesdays we study to show ourselves approved unto God

(2 Timothy 2:15) with bible study. Children's classes are provided.

Meeting starts at 6:00 pm.

Call First

(613) 933-1825


(613) 933-8445

Mid-Week Study & Fellowship

A Typical  Sunday Morning Service 


Children’s Songs                       10:00 -15   am          

Bible Classes                              10:15 - 50  am  (adult, children’s and toddler)


Start of Service                   11:00         am  (welcome & announcements)

Song                                           (1st of 4 posted at the front from hymn books)

Prayer                                         (have a prayer request? - please let us know)

Reading                                       (need a bible to follow along? - we have extras)


Lord’s Table                   11:15         am   (unleavened bread & fruit of the vine)


Giving                                                       (collection basket is passed)

Sermon                            11:30         am   (20-25 minutes on topic or scripture sometimes

                                                               using media, like power point- always bible based)

Song & Prayer            12:00                
(last of 4 songs posted, followed by closing prayer)